Kids Workshops at the Camomile Kitchen.



Camomile Kitchen
Laubova 2
Prague 3,  130 00


Kids from 3-12 years old.
There are 3 age groups.
Max 6 kids per workshop.


After school weekdays and weekends.
Weekdays: 4pm - 6pm
Weekends: 10am - 12pm


5,000 CZK per child
for 8 sessions, including all ingredients and equipment.

Discounts for 2+ kids. 


Camomile workshops are like no other. Our kids have an action packed session as soon as they walk into the Camomile Kitchen. We often start with knowledge games to learn about where the ingredients come from before preparing them in the most fun way. We're known to convert picky eaters to avocado lovers!

About the workshops


Check the timetable to make sure the age groups and time-slots work for you! If you cant find something that works for you, just drop me an email.



1. Can I leave my kid at the Camomile Kitchen or do I need to stay for the duration of the workshop?

We encourage parents to stay with their children if they are below the age of 6 to help out and be part of the action!
If your child is above the age of 6, please feel free to leave them with us - you will not be disappointed.

2. Why can I only register for a minimum of 8 sessions?

Having ran lots of workshops, we feel the 8 sessions is the minimum period for kids and parents to really feel the difference in their attention to food. We understand that you are busy parents, we don't want to be chasing you on a weekly basis.

Should you child come back disappointed, we will refund the cost of the 8 sessions immediately. 

3. My child has different nutritional requirements and/or allergies. Are you able to cater for us too?

Absolutely. To give you an example, we recently hosted a birthday party for 16 children with one of the kids was intolerant. We simply made the whole menu gluten-free. The kids didn't notice and the parents thanked us endlessly. 

Just make sure to note your requirements in the Registration Form and we will follow up with a proposed solution for you to approve. 

Frequently asked


Here is some of what our kids and parents had to say:

I loved it! I want to do it again!
— Parent Name and Kids name
I loved it! I want to do it again!
— Parent name and Kids name