My name is Dana, welcome to Camomile!

I grew up in Azerbaijan — a place where everyone is obsessed with food. My passion for cooking came naturally from the day I was born.

I grew up in the kitchen. I grew up seeing my grandparents, parents, aunties, and uncles cook every day. For me, that’s the best culinary experience. But nowadays, we are moving away from the days when we actually have to be in the kitchen to cook food — real food.

I’m talking about freshly picked vegetables and seasonal ingredients from the local farm. I’m talking about nutritious and filling meals for you and your kids.

Ten years ago I moved to Prague and now it's my second home. In 2016 my concept of a healthy cooking and eating community for kids and parents was born.  

Since the beginning of this year I’ve run a dozen successful workshops where we cook, experiment, and grow plants. We celebrate these little achievements. Why? Because we started enjoying, well, life in its simplicity.

Do you know the feeling when you serve your family hearty meals you cooked from scratch? I tell you, it’s priceless.

My dream is to create a space where kids come after school, learn how to cook, discover and taste things, experiment, and of course, have fun. We will be visiting farms and picking seasonal fruits and vegetables. We will be inviting nutritionists and food experts to help us integrate child-friendly menus, not only in our homes, but also in restaurants.

Let’s start changing our generation and shape the next one. Teach our kids a valuable lesson they’ll pass on to the their own one day. Let’s make traditional, healthy cooking a legacy — our legacy. Let’s create a community of parents, kids, and professionals that can make a difference


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